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BPC-157 (pentadecapeptide), also known as Body Protection Compound, is a peptide that was developed for the purpose of alleviating stomach ulcers. It has shown an ability to accelerate the healing of a variety of wounds such as skin, muscle, colon, bone defects and tendons. BCP-157 has shown impressive results with regards to faster healing, bringing an excellent advantage to injured athletes to achieve their recovery in less time.

Not only tendons but bones are also benefited by BCP-157. Some studies have shown that there are a variety of protective effects in the human organs, such as pancreas, liver injuries endothelium heart damage and pseudarthrosis, making it a multifunctional peptide capable of bringing a huge amount of benefits to the humans.

Research indicates that an adequate dose range for humans is 200 to 500 mcg for healing purposes with even doses as low as 100 mcg showing effective results.

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